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mSpy Review

mSpy is an application which can be useful for anybody. There are more than 3.5 billion mobile users worldwide and in the near future, this number is expected to increase further. No wonder because there are so many things about modern smartphones. You maintain relationships between people. But it’s not all perfect. The fact is, some people have no good intentions. The good news is that with mSpy, you and your family can easily protect yourself and yourself.

What is mSpy Application?


You can trace all telephone conversations with this application to make sure you, your family and your business are not harmed. The mSpy app can be used to monitor emails, text message conversations, calls and browsing the Internet. The app may also monitor the GPS location on the smartphone you have chosen. It’s very easy to use which is the best thing about it. Once installed, the mSpy application will run silently without disclosing its presence on the smartphone.

What makes this app better than the rest is that it’s pretty cheap, so nothing is stopping you from adding an extra protection to you and your family. You can use it for all sorts of things like protecting your underage children from bad influences. If you are worried that your child is at risk, you can track their conversations, without getting into unnecessary arguments. They won’t even know the app is installed on their smartphone, which will make them stay carefree, but protected.

The same goes for your employees. If you suspect that someone might be leaking confidential data about your company, you can install mSpy app on the business phones. That way, you will be able to find out who’s the culprit, if there is one at all. Purchasing mSpy app seems as a wise investment, not only for business-sake, but also as a way of keeping your family secure.



Call Monitoring

The main reason why most people decide to get the mSpy app is to keep track of phone calls. Once the app is installed on a smartphone, it will be able to give you an insight of all the calls made with that device, both income and outcome. You will be able to see the exact time when the phone call was made or received. But, that’s not all – this app will also give you the exact duration of the phone call. Apart from that, you can also use mSpy app to see the exact number of calls made during a certain period, as well as the name of the caller if it’s stored in the smartphone’s address book. Apart from using mSpy to monitor phone calls, you can use this app to restrict calls from certain telephone numbers.

Call Blocking

With this feature, you can mark the telephone number that you want to block, so that the phone user cannot receive any call from your blocked number list. This feature is very useful foe parents who do not want them communicate with certain people or stranger who might be dangerous.

SMS Monitoring

When it comes to monitoring messages, mSpy is again your best ally. Not only does the app allow you to read SMS conversations made on the smartphone, it also lets you to store them on your computer. You will be able to see the number of the person who sent or received the message, as well as the exact time at which the SMS was sent. If the phone number of the recipient/sender was stored on the smartphone, you will be able to see their name as well.

GPS Tracking

Another great feature of the mSpy app is GPS tracking. The application will provide you with the exact location of the smartphone at the exact moment. This means that you can use this feature to see if the person who’s using the smartphone is where they should be. For example, if your employee is running late, you can use mSpy to see if they’re really on their way to the office or still in their beds. Still, most people find this feature most useful for tracking their children’s movements. If your kid is not at school, you can use it to find out where they really are!

GEO Fencing

Geo Fencing can be a great tool if you want to make sure your kid stays away from certain places. This feature allows you to choose certain locations, so that if the smartphone finds itself there, you will get a notification. This is also useful if you suspect your employee might be selling your business secrets to a rival company – simply choose the offices of the competitors as the forbidden area.

Monitoring Instant Messages Application

Recently, the popularity of instant messaging services has gone over the roof. Applications like Skype, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber and so on, are very useful for sending quick messages. Some of those, like Snapchat, for example, also have an option to delete messages after a while. This makes them pretty useful for those with bad intentions and pretty dangerous for your kids. Luckily, mSpy is there for you. It can be used to store all of these messages, even if they’re deleted on the smartphone. This way, you will be certain if your child is in danger of risk behavior.

Monitoring Internet Use

You can use mSpy app to monitor internet use on the smartphone. Not only can you see the URLs of the websites that the smartphone user has visited, but you can also check their bookmarks and Wi-Fi networks. On top of that, mSpy app also allows you to block certain websites on that smartphone and to get notifications for certain keywords. Each time a certain word is used, you will get a notification. All you got to do is choose the keywords. Usually, those include X-rated words, but many company owners also use names of rival businesses.

Control Multimedia Files & Installed Application

The mSpy app also allows you to view multimedia files, that is, all the photographs and videos made with the smartphone. This feature is extremely useful for company owners who suspect their employees might be making photos of classified business data. Also, some parents can use this feature if they are worried that their children might be involved in some inappropriate things.

You can also use mSpy to control the apps installed on the smartphone. It enables you to scan through all the applications that are installed on the smartphone, but not only that – you will be able to block or delete them. If you feel that your child has been using an inappropriate application on his/her smartphone, you can use mSpy to block the access.

Website Blocking

For parents who want to prevent their children from browsing the certain website which is not suitable with their age, or to prevent them from online abuse, you can block the websites to care their safety.


Using this feature, you can know what targeted user type, whether it is a telephone number, message, email, even login detail when your children access the website. For example, you can monitor your child’s Facebook account with the login details. Normally, you can monitor their conversation and chat on their timeline, but if you have the login details, you can get more access to monitor their activities on Facebook.


License Packages

How This App Works?


How to Install and Monitor the Device?


After you’ve decided to purchase one of the mSpy packages, the next step is to install the software. It is very simple to do. After the purchase, you will need to create a profile on mSpy website, which you will later use to monitor the smartphone activity. The only thing that might be a problem is that you need to get the smartphone in your possession. After that, the process is as easy as child’s play. Once you get the smartphone in your hands, you will need to install mSpy on it. A great thing about this app that its installation is a process that’s simple and doesn’t take long.

Installation Process

Enter the email where you wish to get the download details and go there through the smartphone. Once you access the email with the installer, the set-up wizard will guide you through the installation process. In fact, it will take only a few moments before the installation starts. The whole process doesn’t take long, after which there will be no traces of the mSpy software on the smartphone. However, you will see that it’s working through your mSpy control panel on their website. All you need to do is log onto your account and choose the feature you want to monitor. You can access it through your PC, but also from your mobile device, which means that mSpy is always at your disposal.

Track Smartphones without Jailbreaking

What makes mSpy one of the most popular spying apps on the planet, apart from a number of useful features, is that it can be used on virtually any smartphone. It doesn’t matter if the smartphone in question is Android or iOS, mSpy will be able to track it! Unlike other spying apps, mSpy doesn’t require jailbreaking. If you want to install it on iPhone or iPad, you won’t need any additional software.

If for some reason, you are not sure if the device needs jailbreaking, you can use mSpy premiumservice like mAssistant to unlock your iOs device. They wil help youabout it, and they can also do jailbreaking remotely! The best thing about it is that you dont have to worry with mSpy jailbreaking affect the smartphone’s guarantee, please look at the faq section on the bottom of this page for more information.

mSpy Compatibility


Right now, mSpy is compatible with all popular devices from iOS to Android operating system.

Without Jailbroken Version

In without jailbroken version, mspy is compatible for all iOS version, and the device must have internet connection. You do not need to access iOS device physically if you have had iCloud credentials. But if the icloud backup feature hasn’t been activated, you must access the device to activate it. This app version supports the basic features like call monitoring included the contact list, monitor incoming and outcoming messages, chat conversation on Whatsapp, browsing history, events, and notes.

JailBroken Version

Jailbroken IOS device needs iOS 7 – 9.1. iPhone or iPad must be connected to internet and must be jailbroken. To instal it, you need access physically to the device you want to install. The jailbroken iOS device version provides the advanced features like monitoring the instant messages chat on snapchat, skype, FB messenger, line, Viber, Whatsapp & Telegram, and can also do blocking. Beside it, you can also do the GPS tracking and monitor the user using geo fencing, monitor email, and blocking the basic feature of unjailbroken mspy version.


This program needs at least version 4+ of Android. The target phone must be connected to internet and you must have access the device to instant it.

All features except monitoring instant messaging (whatsapp, facebook messenger, viber, etc) will work without any rooting on Android device. But if you need a feature for monitoring chat application above, you need to do rooting on Android device.


The Ultimate Mobile Spy App Today

What You Should Know Before Purchasing mSpy?


Reliable Company

Not like other spy applications on the market, mSpy has a great company, MTechnology, which is located on US and UK.

Customer Care Support

There are 3 level customer supports that you can get. First is basic support through email and live chat. On this level, you won’t be charged for any support fee because it is free.

mSpy also has the second level support service which is a premium support through phone with 12.99 USD fee (one time payment) that can assist you to do the installation or solve the problem when you run the program. The third level is by doing remote assistant. You can do installation, jailbreaking, or rooting through massistance service that is charged for 53.99 USD.

mSpy Installation Support

The mSpy installation is very easy to understand and follow, so you didn’t have to purchase the premium support because the difference between them is only on the call and live chat feature. With basic support, it’s already enough for you. Only if you want to jailbreak or root your device and you can’t do that for yourself, mAssistant is the right choice for you.

You can also use third party service if you think the mAssistant service is too high for you. You can use rootandroid service ($40) to root your device or appleaunlock ($20) to jailbreak your iOs device, but still, I recommend you to choose mAssistant because they cannot only root or jailbreak your device, but also help you to install mspy remotely.

MoneyBack Guarantee

mSpy offers a 10 days money back guarantee if this program really cannot work properly as you want. You can contact the support and ask them the refund on 10 days period.


Some frequenlty ask questions of mSpy App

1. Must I have access on target phone physically?

Of course, you must install mspy on the device that you need to monitor, except the target phone is an iOS device which has an active icloud backup. And of course you also must have the login detail of icloud device on your target phone.

2. Can this application be detected by the user?

If you choose “I’d like to keep the icon” option when installing mspy, then the mspy icon can bee seen on the targeted phone. But if you do not choose this option, then the icon won’t appear on the device.

3. Does mSpy work in all location around the world?

The answer is yes. This program can work in all location and is compatible with all internet provider as long as your device is connected to the internet.

4. I want to do Rooting/Jailbreaking on the device to do the advanced monitoring. How does it work?

You can do jailbreaking or rooting yourself or using third party. But if you want to get a great service and more professional, you can do it by purchasing the additional service called mAssistance.

5. Can Jailbreaking/Rooting damage the guarantee ?

Jailbreaking or rooting of course can break the guarantee on your device. But it can be canceled by updating the iOS or doing the reset factory setting on device, so your device will get the guarantee back.


You should look at purchasing the mSpy app as an investment in the safety of you and your family. The mSpy app is not a regular spying application, but more of a program that protects lives. You certainly shouldn’t feel bad about using it as benefits of it are huge. In fact, this app can sometimes mean the difference between life and death, success and failure! So, if you have kids and/or growing business, you shouldn’t think twice about getting this app!

Benjamin Franklin famously said that those who give up liberty for security deserve neither! By using the mSpy app, you are not disrupting anyone’s liberty for a simple fact – they don’t know that you’re using it. This allows everyone to stay carefree, while adding a lot to their protection.

If you decide to use mSpy on your children’s smartphone, you shouldn’t look at it as an attack on their privacy, but as adding a layer of protection. When it comes to using mSpy in business purposes, you shouldn’t feel bad about spying your employees as your company is at stake! If they’re doing something that can harm your business, you have every right, but legal and moral, to keep track of their phone activity.


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