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No smartphone or other operating system will of course provide the smoothness and superb user interface supplied by an Apple product. If your child demands an iPhone, then it’s probably because most of their friends use it too. But if you have been using a mobile spy software to monitor their activities on their current mobile phone, then switching over to an iPhone may bring additional challenges that you were unaware of.

IPhones can only use and download content from Apple’s official store and third party applications don’t work on their phones, unless they are jailbroken. Jailbreaking is a technique which allows any third party application to be installed on an iPhone. But it also increases the risk of malicious content being installed on the phone. And moreover, the user would immediately know that the phone has been tampered with, especially if it was not jailbroken earlier.

The question is, if you have a child or an employee who uses an iPhone, how do you monitor their activities without jailbreaking their phones? Is that even a possibility?

Absolutely yes. You can install mspy to monitor their activities without jailbreaking their phone using one of Apple’s inherent features, iCloud

Installing mspy without jailbreaking

The best part about using mspy without jailbreaking the iPhone is that you may not even need physical access to the phone.

Here’s how you can use mspy without the child knowing that you are monitoring and tracking their activities.

Download mspy: Firstly, download mpsy if you haven’t downloaded it yet. If you are already subscribed then you can just download the latest version to your windows or mac desktop. Else, you can check out one of their subscription plans. They also offer a limited free trial offer which allows you to test if the software is working for you.

Install it on your computer: This is where a lot of parents get confused. You need to install mpsy on your computer and not on the device, if you have their iCloud id. We will come to this further ahead in the article.

Login with their credentials on the software: mspy has an easy setup wizard which will ask you for a few details including the user’s iCloud credentials. Once you enter these credentials, you can login to a centralized dashboard that will show you all the details that you are looking to track.

The mspy iPhone dashboard will show the following details.

  • Contacts
  • Call Logs
  • Text Messages
  • Browser history
  • Events
  • Notes
  • Whatsapp
  • Installed Applications

That covers most of the communication channels that your child may use to communicate. It is a tad limited when you compare what mspy can do otherwise. But hey, it does not jailbreak the phone and it is completely discreet. Serves the purpose.

Mpsy gives you remote and discreet access to the iPhone user’s activities without them being aware. On the other hand, if you do not have iCloud credentials or if iCloud is not enabled on the phone, then you may have to physically get access to the phone to enable it. It is a very simple process that takes a few minutes.