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mSpy to Protect Children – As you know, online world has been an important part of our life. It benefits people more than what’s enough. However, as beneficial as it seems, there are actually some dangers of this online world. It is not as dangerous for adults, but it is definitely so for children. That is why MSPY suggests some basic rules to understand the dangers of online world for the sake of protecting your children. Let’s see what those dangers the rules are referring to here. They are very important to be aware of.

High Possibility of False Identity

Yes, we would say there is very high possibility of false identity being used in the online world. Why, of course, we don’t know whom we are interacting with, but the same goes the other way around. There is no telling if the person on the other screen uses real identity. It is easy to lie and no one would easily notice it. So, this MSPY rule suggests you to make your kids aware of this very fact here

Existence of the Sexual Predator

People we find on the online world are not always the good ones. Nowadays, that world is buzzing with the existence of sexual predators. They approach mostly kids and teenagers, acting all friendly and making the kids interested in them. Then, they would do all sorts of sexual harassment, like asking to send naked photos to even meet in person to have sex. So, you need to monitor your kids

Variety of Networking Websites

The online world is there for people around the world to access to. Since that is the case, you can imagine yourself that it is possible for each of them to make their own website, article, picture, video, etc. for anyone to access to. There will be a great variety of them, for sure. That is why it wouldn’t be so rare for you to find adult sites and such. So, be aware of what your kid’s accessing

Risk of Posting Your Info Online

MSPY tip opens our eyes that there is the risk of posting your info online. What’s posted is never guaranteed to be private, at least not all of them. Online world has its own system, but it can be breached by hacker and such. So, at the very least, you should teach your children to use unique passwords to protect their info on the online world and keep them in secret for their own safety.

Possibility of Variety of Dangers

From the previous four points, you should be able to conclude one or two online dangers yourself, right? However, let’s make things clear what terms are used to refer to those dangers exactly. You see, other than the online predators, there are cyberbullying and sexting too. MSPY suggests you to warn your kids from such danger. Cyberbullying is simply the act of bullying happening on digital devices, while sexting is the act of sending pornographic photos or text to increase sexual desire.