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Recently, we all as parents are worried after hearing about Blue Whale Challenge. It can be considered as one of the darkest phenomena in the world. What makes it more apprehensive is that the victims are increased every day. As we all know, the victims are mostly children. They include male and female children. Of course, we do not want this continue happening. Therefore, all parents must be able to prevent their children to be the victims of Blue Whale Challenge. That is why MSPY Program comes to solve this problem.

Blue Whale Challenge Starts from Social Media

For your information, more than 130 children over the world have become the victims of Blue Whale Challenge. It is shocking why this can get victims so easily. What more important is that we must stop the victims before it goes worse. MSPY app can be a good solution for parents because it can help you prevent Blue Whale Challenge on your children.

Before we talk further about that app, let’s understand how Blue Whale Challenge looks for the victims. Mostly, it is spread via social media. In fact, today’s children cannot be separated from social media. Even though social media can be a good online entertainment, parents must always monitor their children because there are so many dangers caused by online activities. One of them is Blue Whale Challenge.

What Is Blue Whale Challenge?

Even though MSPY software can help you prevent Blue Whale Challenge to happen on your children, you have to understand what that challenge means. Blue Whale Challenge is a game where it includes 50 different challenges. The first challenge is not too dangerous but it becomes more and more dangerous until the final challenge, suicide.

For your information, this deadly challenge came from Russia. Then, it is spread in the United States of America. Now, it has been spread in many other countries around the world. The creator of this deadly game is Phillip Budeikin. Actually, he has been arrested. However, his has left the legacy and it is still spread on social media.
That is why the victims may still be increased.

How Can Blue Whale Challenge Lead to Suicide?

Many people think that Blue Whale Challenge starts to seek the victims with suicidal thoughts. However, that is absolutely not true. The fact is that children look for a game administrator on social media like Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Even more, sometimes they are recruited in a secret group on Facebook. There are some different interesting hastags that make them interested such as #bluewhalechallenge, #i_am_whale, etc.

MSPY to Monitor Children on Social Media

MSPY is a great application found to be the solution of this dark phenomenon. This is an app that helps parents to monitor their children on social media. Using this app, parents will know what children do on social media. This monitoring is very effective because you can do it from your own smartphone. Hope this can stop Blue Whale Challenge to take victims.