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Crime always happens every day over the world. Even more, the doers are increasingly smarter. Now, crime does not only happen in the real life. However, it also happens via online. That is what we call as cybercrime. Cybercrime is the modern kind of crime because it is done using computers. So, the doers can do from a secret place. Consequently, polices will be more difficult to find the doers. What we can do is to prevent it. One of the ways is using MSPY.

The Types of Cybercrime

There are some types of cybercrime and different types have different levels of danger. Anyway, MSPY mobile application will help you prevent it. Now, let’s understand each type of cybercrime first:



The first type of cybercrime is Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs). It is dangerous because it installs unexpected software on your device with searching agents and toolbars. Actually, it is not too dangerous. The examples of PUPs are such as adware, spyware and also any kind of malware.


Phishing & Spam

Spam is sent uncontrolledly by spambots. Spam can be sent to email, text message, etc. Usually, spam is provocative and can lead to crime. On the other hand, phishing can be said as a method where the doer of cybercrime offers certain lure such as winning announcement, business proposal, etc. It also often leads to crime.



The next is ransomware. It is a kind of malware based attacks. This usually enters a device unexpectedly. Then, it encrypts files & transits them to the servers of hackers. After that, the victims are asked to pay money. This cybercrime often happens and becomes one of the most popular cases. Because it relates to devices or gadgets, you must always control your children’s gadgets. MSPY application will help you to do controlling and monitoring.


Malicious Software

It belongs to online based software where it is used to corrupt or disrupt a network. For your information, it is usually used to gain access to certain systems. On the simpler words, this software is often used to steal sensitive and private data or information. Sometimes, it also causes damages to software in the system.



Another kind of cybercrime is scamming. The scammers usually mail you time-shares, health foods, discounts, etc. Usually, it starts with emotional emails. Some of the common cases are women who require you to help them by transferring money, paying certain fees, etc. Even more, there are some cases where scammers tell you about kidnapped family and even worse.

It Is Time to Protect Your Children from Cybercrime

As we know, children or teens are becoming more active on social media or in using internet. Of course, they have high risk to be the victims of cybercrime. Therefore, you as parents must be able to monitor your children’s device and online activities. In this case, we recommend you to use MSPY because it allows you control your children’s devices & gadgets.